Brand Identity for Long Term Business AdvantageThe market of brand identity evolved a huge area over the years with corporate organization decorating their many structural office developments, packaging and other marketing security with unique logos and designs.

The explosion of brand identities ideas is nothing new in today’s competitive business era. Their use curtails from the business need to help current and potential customers to differentiate a particular group’s brand from that of another. In the quote of Wikipedia notes it is said that “Branding is phenomena that tell one person’s cattle from another by means of the permanent iron stamp with roots in ancient times.

“But the question remains the same “What then is new about corporate identities? What’s new is the cleverness that today’s brand managers have integrated into their identities; and how many organizations are retaining their brand to survive in this competitive business world. 

An effective and relevant brand identity service owns two unique powers i.e. respect and differentiation. The First main importance of brand identity is it helps an organization to get recognized in the eye of public a class brand among the several competitive brands. 

Second, brand identity has the authority to differentiate itself from others in the market. For e.g.  The various differentiation of mobile phone manufacturing companies having their own brand identity like Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Blackberry, Apple, Micro-max  Brand identities helps customers to decide a particular product, service or business from that of another.

As a person’s personality goes further than his/her name, a remarkable and powerful brand identity spreads beyond the corporate logo which most well-known graphic designers and company executives have hardly and only assign as their corporate or brand identity. This failure, however, permeates through and rubs off on the entire organization; and limits the prosperity of such brands.

Successful brands are convincing, well-positioned, merchantable and above all, comprehensive. They extend outside just their brand names and logos. Without opinions, just a few Indian brands come to mind in this category – Jaguars cars, Lakme Cosmetics CCD, Louis Phillipe, etc. 

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