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An artist who creates an original work will find solace with respect to seeking complete protection for his or her idea, when expressed in concrete words, if their work is applied for copyright. Ideas that can be considered under copyright are: a piece of writing, a note of music, an exclusive sound recording, cinematography, and any artistic piece of work which does not get covered in the above categories. Copyright gives its innovator the exclusive right to produce, reproduce, distribute, perform, display, and exhibit his art or work, unless exclusively licensed to any other party. This law is encouraged to promote creativity and exclusivity, and give protection to the artist to maximize the monetary returns that will accrue from their expressed ideas.

Protection under copyright is holistic. It does not limit protection to a category, industry, type or class, and is therefore all inclusive. Once an idea is registered under copyright, it is legally not permissible for an individual or an organization to use it for any purpose whatsoever, even though it may be drastically different from the way the innovator is putting it to use, unless the potential user procures the necessary licenses. However, if the application for copyright is related to any goods or services, then the process includes procuring a no-objection certificate from Trademark Office, industrial design office so on; whichever may be applicable depending on the nature of IP.

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