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Paid search campaign a.k.a Paid search marketing is an affordable and reliable form of marketing over search engine and social media platforms, well designed to connect ads with search. Paid search marketing agency offers various strategies and methods by which they help businesses achieve enhanced marketing and advertising results. Most popular types of paid search campaigning are Traditional PPC – Search Engine Text Ad and Display Ads. Usually Paid search marketing refers to model whereby the business pays on a per-click basis visitors click their ad and visit their website. Google, Bing & Yahoo are amongst the top Search engines where marketers usually prefer to use paid search campaigning for their client advertisements. Today, all businesses who are actively involved in SEO are usually involved in paid search marketing. Most actively used is Paid SEO where Paid search marketing acts as a cost-effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) form which matches ads with active searches online for products or services.

Some common paid search campaign types:

  • Native Ads & Display Ads.
  • Sponsored Listings.
  • Remarketing / Retargeting.
  • Social Media Ads & Inbox Ads.
  • SERPs – Search Engine Results Page.
  • Cost Per Impressions.
  • CPC – Cost Per Click.
  • Cost Per Conversion.
  • Google Shopping.

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Digi Interface is considered as the top agency for paid search marketing services in India serving a long list of clienteles across the globe. As one of the reputed paid search marketing agencies in Mumbai we deal with multiple types of paid search marketing methods. Our clients bespoke their hassle-free experience with us. We empower their businesses in complete sync with our pools of expertise and talents so that they can focus on their daily crucial operations. We follow latest guidelines, methods and strategies that are laid down by search engine giants for paid search campaigns for google. We make an in-depth study of various aspects like current competition analysis, possible options and opportunities, website UX/UI for end user satisfaction and other detailing related to potential list of target keywords. Our data driven research helps us to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions and avoiding any inappropriate decision that can convert into potential loss of investment. Unlike other marketers, we tend to strategize campaigns that don't keep clients paying a lot with lesser or no results. After a lot of data research and detailing we use very potential sets and positions that precisely match the searched keywords.

Paid search campaigns for google is very popular amongst many companies. Taking benefit over each possible query in connection to their campaign drive more traffic and revenue. Added benefits for marketers in using methods like Paid search campaigns for google is that they get a dedicated set of tools and integrated data sheets within their Advertising dashboard. Using these tools, they can narrow their expenses, broaden their reach and optimize ads to drive more ROI. Even paid search campaigns for Facebook have gained popularity in recent times. Since Social media giant Facebook holds a very huge potential audience that is active over news feeds. We have noticed an alarming rate of increase in queries from our clients pertaining to paid search campaigns for Facebook as well as paid search campaigns for Google. Thanks to our experts that we have attained great reputation in delivering expected results while building great ROI system for our esteemed clientele.

Some popular paid search marketing services do we offer as a professional paid search marketing agency.

  • CPC/PPC: Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click ad type setup where you pay for only those ads which are clicked by the visitors. We recommend this method to our clients who seek complete control over their ad spending. We always strive hard to keep a fine balance between CPC ratio and ROI expectations.
  • CPM: Cost Per Mille is a cost per thousand impressions. Its opposite to CPC in terms of method. Here client pays for overall client ad impressions that were visible on the number of searches regardless of number of clicks. Usually we recommend this model for companies who aim to improve the brand's online presence and awareness.
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing where we purely engage in paid search advertising based on conventional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is a very common type of ad model that we use for clients who have a very broader campaign budget as well as for a long-term acquisition.
  • Native Ads: Native Ads are those types of ads which you notice blended into the other content on the webpage. Usually used over publisher sites (News, Journalism etc) and most Social Media Ads take this form. Usually such ads tend to return better interaction rates than Banner Ads.
  • Google Ads: Google Ads is Google’s own advertising network which offers variety of ad types like text, display, search and other forms. It also offers PPC/CPC and CPM advertising as well as site targeted banner, text and rich media ads. We can be either use any one ad type or blended ad types campaigns for better reach.
  • Remarketing / Retargeting: A combined Search and Display ads that are displayed based on the user’s history. Usually recommended for searches related to Hotels, Holidays, Electronics etc. The content generally comes in the form of traditional Display Ads or as Native Ads.
  • Analysis & Reporting: Being the top agency for paid search marketing we use professional tools for data analysis, traffic sources and various competitive listings. We analyze & optimize ads from time to time on continuous basis to reap maximum ROI. Our competitive analysis of competitors helps us to plan strategy for paid search marketing.

We are known for paid search campaigns for Facebook where we have demonstrated our leadership with stunning results for our clientele. A traffic peak through various social media campaign endeavors which are connected to the Campaign really boosts our client’s website traffic. We aim to deliver better CTR with very fine-tuned set of data-based strategies. We are one of the most preferred paid search marketing agencies in Mumbai, India for our paid search campaigns for Google as well as paid search campaigns for Facebook for startups and large enterprises

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