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Social Listening Management Service Provider Company in Mumbai, India

Social listening also known as Social Media Measurement is a computation of popularity scale based on reports from various social media channels and websites. Social listening campaign makers use several third-party tools to extract the detailed information from popular social media networking sites, media sites, blogs, forums, discussion boards and other content spread across the internet. Social listening strategy consolidates vital reports to a measure currents statistical mark of any brand or company. Businesses who want to make social listening campaigns usually appoint professional agency for social listening that can provide appropriate metrics. Whereas in simpler words, social listening campaign is all about measuring how close a brand is to its defined goals as well as real time reports to analyze the hidden loopholes and opportunities.

Social listening strategy requires a very dedicated team of experts who constantly work over several Social Media tools, analytics and reports. Digi Interface is a leading agency for social listening offering end to end social media solutions required by small, medium and large businesses. Our wide range of resources and multiple in-house experts from departments like Social Media Marketer, Social Media Strategist, SEO, Paid Campaign Manager, Digital Marketers, Affiliate Networking etc. can be really an advantageous addition to our social listening campaign services.

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We offer consultancy to businesses who want to make social listening campaign to understand the gap between expenditures and returns. As a dedicated team of social listening campaign makers, our monitoring services helps brands to gather detailed insights over various feedbacks, reviews and mentions. Analytical data helps breakdown various listings related to specific keywords and topics that is spread over the internet.

As professional social listening campaign makers, we appoint experts to learn, study and assess various data points coming from a variety of sources. We use the latest trends, techniques and tools to ensure that we can source maximum structured data to help us understand various analytical statistics that can help client’s decisions. Being an agency for social listening, we use various third-party intelligence tools & software’s that can break down into several micro categories of data chunks. Such data chunks can also be derived for specific keywords, mentions and comments on various social networking sites and blogs. Our social listening strategy helps clients to take a more informed decision and strategic approach for nurturing brand while optimizing investments. Analytical data reports and conclusions help clients to create more convincing offers via future product ads, content marketing or direct advertisements.

We serve advanced social listening campaigns to enterprises who want to make social listening campaign at an advanced level for instance measuring impact on social sentiment or competitor analysis. The advanced process involves using PR Analytics and Influencer Engagement tools along with social listening strategy. More precise data approach helps gather better insights and decision capabilities. A core approach can also further serve to measure current brand positioning, competitive analysis and further social listening strategy plans. We believe in serving as an expert team dedicated to social listening campaign maker process, while keeping our packages most affordable for all types of business sizes. Our efforts are closely aligned with our client’s organizational goals and objectives. We believe in working for our client’s solid reputation management, enhancing online capabilities and nurture overall online reputation through our social listening strategy as well as social listening campaigns.

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