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Type of Trademark



This trademark service is of benefit when the peculiar style and the way in which the name of the brand is pronounced needs to be protected. For instance, brand Samsung when pronounced produces a particular kind of sound that immediately registers in the mind when spoken, irrespective of the language it is written in.


A logo is a graphical representation or a symbol which is not a name in itself, and is not written in any language and thus cannot be pronounced, and is used as a means of building an organisation's identity. It gives a consistent image to the brand in its marketing and branding activities, and is often used for conveying the image and underlying beliefs of the organization. A logo is an important element in any business's IP assets, and – when properly trademarked – gets protection from infringement under the law.

Logo-Composite Mark

A brand's logo is a unique word that represents it, and which includes the use of any combination of alphabets/numerals in any language along with that word itself, and hence it should be considered for registration of trademark under the logo-composite trademark type. For instance, IBM is a logo composite mark. The logo composite's font size and style, and the unique blue colour is registered as a part of it. If the name of the organization itself is a logo then registration under this type becomes important.

Device Mark

Anything that is artistic, has a specific look and it is protected in the way it is submitted, can be considered for protection under device mark. For instance, McDonalds' clown character is an example of a device mark. The moment a clown character is seen in that specific attire with its characteristic make-up, it is associated with the McDonald's brand. Any device that is an integral part of the overall brand communication that will enable a strong brand recall value in the minds of its customers, can potentially be registered under trademark protection to safeguard it from any kind of infringement.

Domain Name

An internet domain name (internet addresses like,, and so on) has acquired an importance of its own in the past couple of decades. The domain name of an organization not only helps in the identification of its brand, but also acts as a key channel for its promotion. Nowadays, accessing the website via its internet address is the first step for an organization's existing and potential customers to get acquainted with its services. Given this importance attached to a domain name, registering it for trademark protection has become critical for any individual or professional, business entity, and even non-profits.


The collection of words that forms a tagline – through which the brand's uniqueness is communicated to its customers – is registered for trademark under this type. Taglines are yet another powerful tool which helps in creating a lasting impression in the minds of a business's customers. For instance, Apple's tagline (“Think different”) highlights the brand's passion for innovation, while Nike's tagline (“Just do it”) emphasizes the go-getter attitude of the people who use its products. On the other hand, HSBC Bank's tagline (“The world's local bank”) focuses on the importance the bank gives to adding a local flavour to its products and services in order to give their customers service in better and more personalized way.

Shape of Goods

Trademark registration under this trademark type safeguards the unique shape of a product from infringement. This plays an important role when the organization wants to visually differentiate its product from others in the market, and this differentiation helps create its unique identity in the minds of its customers.

Sound Mark

An example of a sound mark, among others, could be a jingle that is used to identify a brand. This includes the music as well as a combination of words. For instance, Airtel's unique jingle is an example of a sound mark. The brand presence that any such piece of work creates for the business is a definite asset and, consequently, it needs to be protected from commercial abuse. Such an IP asset can be registered as a sound mark.

Smell Mark

Trademark protection extends to protecting an exclusive fragrance that an individual or an organization has innovated and would like to promote as their intellectual property to restrict its commercial use and exploitation to themselves. Examples of this could include any well-known branded perfume, as also the unique smell of Dettol, a well-known liquid antiseptic.

Gesture and Motion

There is an old saying that communication is the key to success. A business has mere seconds in which it has to leave a strong and lasting brand message in the minds of its customers, which will later lead to successful brand recall. Precise and effective communication plays an important role in this. To this end, many businesses prefer using nonverbal means of brand communication - like human gestures and motions - which enables them to achieve their objective without using words. An example of this is Nokia's connecting hands where the emphasis is on a brand that connects people worldwide. Registering such gestures and motions under trademark becomes significant if the business concern wants to leverage the central idea or theme that best describes it.

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