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A patent is a technical and legal document and requires an expert who is well equipped with the subject knowledge, industry expertise, conceptual understanding, comprehension ability, and an eye for detail. Patent filing by itself is an exhaustive process. It will not be incorrect to state that it is equivalent to walking a minefield!

At Amseem, we ensure that each invention potentially qualifying for a patent is exposed to this level of expertise and dedication in order to portray the most accurate picture of the proposed patent, and complementing it with the right use of words to make the draft holistic, and thus eliminating any kind of ambiguity or inadequacy. A few highlights:

Patent Search

This trademark service is of benefit when the peculiar style and the way in which the name of the brand is pronounced needs to be protected. For instance, brand Samsung when pronounced produces a particular kind of sound that immediately registers in the mind when spoken, irrespective of the language it is written in.

  • Patentability Search or Novelty Search: this service, an applicant is informed whether his potential patent is novel enough to be considered for being registered under patent.
  • Freedom to Operate Search, or Infringement Analysis, or Clearance Search, or Right to Use: In case the applicant's potential patent has a pre-existing patent in that particular geography, the required information is extended to the applicant to procure a license from the other party to operate. Note: procuring license is not a part of the service.
  • Invalidity Search or Validity Search : This service can come into effect when an existing patent has to be proven invalid by virtue of the idea already existing in some other medium before the patent was filed.
Patent Mapping or Patent Claim Chart

Under this service, the applied patent is mapped with similar patents. During the mapping process the two mapped patents (at a time) are studied closely. This service helps the patentee understand the areas of similarity to enable him to ensure that he avoids any possibility of similarity and maintain its uniqueness.

Technology Landscape

This service can be availed of when an individual needs all the information related to a particular technology. Information in this regard includes all kinds of data from history as to how that technology has evolved, in whichever format the information has been recorded and is available.

  • Patent Landscape This is a specialized area within Technology landscape. This service can be availed of when an individual needs access to a library of patents of a particular field of study or technology. Inventors find this service of immense value as it helps them in ensuring that there is no duplication in their work. It also enables one get acquainted with competitor information to gauge newer product developments and thus predict market movements.
Patent drafting

Any patent application definitely needs expert scrutiny as mentioned in a previous point. An expert patent draft should be thoroughly balanced: it should be broad enough to cover the interest of the applicant so that the maximum benefits accrue to him, while at the same time ensuring that it is narrow enough to avoid infringement of any other patent.

Patent Analysis

Once a patent has been filed, the inventor's dream is to next give form to the expressed idea in the shape of a product, and then introduce this product in different markets (countries). Indeed, this is quite a task on hand for the inventor. At Amseem, we help alleviate the inventor's concerns in the execution of the sundry tasks involved in this venture: We have expert professionals who use the most appropriate approach to execute a task of this magnitude.This requires extensive study along the following lines:

  • Understanding saleability of the patent by studying various markets (countries) vis-à-vis the product concept, to identify the target audience. This is followed by studying the readiness of the market, and its maturity in accepting the product.
  • Keeping a close eye on the various treaties signed between the government of India and other governments, as well as the latest amendments made to the existing laws.
Patent Valuation

Under this service we enable the patentee to arrive at the most accurate estimated value of his or her patent, a patent which could potentially be converted into a product to gain monetary benefits. Our approach includes the following actions.

  • Analysing past market trends, including product launches and the strategies employed.
  • Assessing the current market which is in a similar or related space.
  • Evaluating the four Ps of the well-known concept of marketing mix, i.e., price, product, promotion and place.
Patent Commercialization

The patentee often requires assistance in, both, marketing the product and reaching out to the right buyers for his patent. As part of this service, Amseem partners with the patentee in identifying potential buyers (in this case, manufacturers). It also recommends the best marketing strategy keeping in sight the benefits, advantages and value of the invention. Amseem strategies the communication in the capacity of a third-party expert to help the buyer understand the uniqueness of the patent, and therefore the competitive edge that he would enjoy in the market by introducing this product. Note: The freedom to operate search service is a pre-requisite to availing of this service.

Patent Filing

This service includes domestic filing, i.e. filing of patents in India, as well as filing in any other part of the world.

Patent Watch

By registering a patent, the inventor is entitled to the ownership and rights on his or her patent by the government body of that particular geography where the patent has been filed. However, this by itself is not enough to ensure that it is not infringed upon by anybody else. This threat of infringement to one's patent can be countered by seeking complete protection under the patent watch service. Under this service, Amseem does ongoing scrutiny of new applications and registrations which could be similar to the inventor's patent. Ultimately, the onus of responsibility lies in the patentee's hands.

Office Action

This service includes patent prosecution, responding to examination reports, which includes the first and subsequent examination reports, and any other communication with the patent office.

Legal Status Review, or Prosecution History, or Litigation History

This is an advisory service and requires experience and expertise to give benefit to the customer. Under this service, the status of the patent application and its history in terms of opposition and argument is studied in detail. On the basis of the acquired knowledge through this study, an expert at Amseem projects the next steps with respect to the studied patent application.

The patent system added the fuel of interests to the fire of genius.

Abraham Lincoln

The word design in the context of intellectual property generally refers to aesthetic appearance applied to the product in the form of lines, patterns, combination of shapes and can also include colours, among other such factors, that can be applied to any object in two-or-three-dimensional form. To get more information for a flawless design registration application, please connect with our experts.

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