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New clients always ask us what exactly a perfect website is when they see so many types on the internet today. Our answer is very simple and real to be applicable to all types of requirements when it comes to website development. A website is just an online shop, store or system to support your business in a very digital manner. It should be well rooted to your idea of doing business when it comes to managing you contents, customers, accepting payment or selling products and services online. It should do what you would expect it as process in your offline business. Our observation comes out of our understanding about the digital recipe.

With years of experience and creating absolute top notch websites for medium to large scale organizations, we at Digi Interface are accustomed with latest of technologies at all digital standards on the internet. Our website development team is proficient and qualified enough to handle from micro to macro scale projects with refined programming and deployment.

Our expert team of Website Developers use latest and cutting edge technology & procedures to provide customized tailor made solutions that exactly fits your business and user engagement.

Website Development Process: At Digi Interface, our web development process is more of slicing requirements.

Having a vast understanding and experience in web development we specialize in building custom websites, portals, custom web applications, Ecommerce Development, and many other framework based feature rich websites for all types of industries.

Speak with our consultants and experts for a highly functional solution that fits your business requirements.


PHP Development Services

Today Millions of developers and businesses use PHP as a platform for their projects. It is one of the most liked and secured programming language used by thousands of popular sites and social networks. There are various benefits to PHP like it is trustworthy in performance, Compatible with various web Server and operating system, has a lot of community support and can be embedded easily with many other technologies.

For our Indian and clients abroad We have covered a lot as proficient PHP development like from simplest website development to complex ecommerce stores, payment gateway integrations, custom CMS and web applications for businesses. In reality we love to tangle with PHP as its been our very favorite language in so many years. We believe that we have also explored a high level in advanced PHP diversification and deployment.

Let us know your requirements and we are more than sure that PHP is the right path to get your project started.

Android App Development

By now you must have been already aware that How much our team is passionate about development and designing. It becomes more claimable when you ask us about our passion for android development. Android being the NEXT Big thing for digital businesses across the globe and growing smartphones have kept an ever increased chart of visitors since last 5 years. There are lot of key points that we need to take care of while we develop and Android App as it is all about the experience or else your business app ratings go for a toss.

Our App Development Process: After analyzing your business requirements and existing materials that support your digital reach we initiate a part team for UX/UI designing for APP Layouts and the second part team gets engaged in your APP development tasks. We break down your APP process into steps like registration, database, web services and landing page dashboard. Secondly we also need to plan your transactions and real time data analytics which is where an expert team comes into picture. We are glad that Digi Interface has some of the best industry designers and developers in Android platform.

We follow most trending and customizable development procedure in Android App Development cycle. Be it an online customer support module or payments collection, be it online shopping or students attendance. Our developed solutions is planned to be compatible with your existing websites if they exists in similar languages.

We believe in delivering the best user interface with an optimized App experience for your users. We keep a special focus in smoother navigations, API calls and branding while designing and developing and android app for our clients.

To set a new standard of presence talk to us for your Android App.

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